About Us

Our company was established after we recognized today’s buyers as being asked to perform multiple responsibilities in their facilities and now more than ever, need to rely on a dependable company to provide quality products at competitive prices. We service small facilities to multiple location corporate agreements.  If you have multiple locations, or volume purchasing opportunities let us know.  Lastly, they asked for technical support to achieve maximum productivity and show cost savings to their management teams.

Want an easy way to order your supplies?

Overdrive Tech Group based in Phoenix Arizona has developed our business model to give you  a first class e-commerce buying experience for those who know what they need. We have over 200,000 different sku’s at your finger tips.

Need Technical Support?

We have addressed that also. Just click on our “Ask an Expert” option. Our team consists of previous shop owners, machinists and sales engineers to answer your needs. As we build out our teams, we may have a representative available to visit you directly as well. Just tell us how we can best help you.

Interested In Joining Our Team?

Please send us your resume! We are always looking for industry experts to help build out our territories. Maybe you aren’t ready for a career change but would like earning some extra money. We have sales opportunities where you set your own schedule while joining our team.

We live by our motto:

Technical Support Today & Tools Tomorrow